Our Services


We offer massage therapy in the comfort of your home within the city limits of Barrie. We bring our table, sheets and lotion, and set up in an area that provides you with a bit of privacy. 

Areas in your home that we can set up include: a spare bedroom, master bedroom, basement, and living room.


We are also available to come and provide massage to your employees in your office. This type of massage typically involves a shorter duration (10-15 minutes) and is done while seated over the clothes.

In office massage is a great way to thank staff members for all their hard work, or to promote a healthier lifestyle.


Pregnancy/Infant Massage

Our therapist has taken courses related to pregnancy and infant massage. They can help relieve lower back pain, swollen ankles and muscular tension related to the many discomforts women face during pregnancy. Once the baby arrives, they are able to massage them, or give you tips on how to effectively massage your baby.